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Many couples, when they have decided that their marriage relationship is over, reach an agreement
regarding all issues of property, debts, support and the children. In their case an uncontested divorce is

However, when couples are in disagreement on some or all of the major important  aspects that will affect
their present and future lives such as:

    1. Property  Either acquired before, during the marriage and after separation. This includes any
                            retirement and pension plans including military retirement.

    2. Debts      Belonging to one of the parties or jointly, either acquired before, during the
                            marriage and after separation

    3. Children  Support, visitation and custody (legal and/or physical)

    4. Spousal support (alimony) – Either temporary or long term.

We will try to negotiate  with your spouse or your spouse’s attorney, to reach the best acceptable
settlement  that will meet your goals. Additionally, we can help you choose alternative divorce methods
such as Collaborative Divorce, but if necessary, we will go to trial (litigation) to protect you and your

We will help you analyze in detail the issues that are important to you, your current financial situation and
your future goals. We have helped numerous men and women in achieving acceptable divorce
settlements that best meet their goals.

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What happens when the parties cannot reach an agreement at all on any or all the issues?

When the parties simply cannot reach an agreement then litigation might be necessary.  Litigation is a
process where the parties ask a Judge to decide one or all aspects of the divorce such as child custody,
child support and division of property that the parties cannot resolve. Litigation is a highly adversarial
process that can last more than one year and can be costly to both parties.  The outcome on this type of
divorce procedures is contingent on legal rules and particular facts of the case.  We have represented
numerous clients through litigation, achieving court rulings that help them transition to their new future.

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